The Company requires a refundable deposit when the account is established.  All tenants/leasees must pay the initial deposit in the form of a money order or cashiers check. An additional deposit is required each time service for an account is disconnected due to nonpayment. The Company may also require an additional deposit if the account is paid late 4 or more times in any 6 consecutive billing periods.
When deposits become eligible for refund to existing homeowners, deposits will be credited to the gas account; however, upon customer request, the company will issue a refund check if the check amount is $200.00 or more. Tenant deposits are only refundable upon lease termination and /or  move out. Deposit refunds can take up to 45 days after Final Billing is complete.


All customers who deliver a check that is not paid by customer’s bank, for any reason,  will be charged an NSF  fee. Customer has 24 hours to replace payment by money order or cash paid to a local Money Gram location.


Disconnection occurs 2 1/2 weeks after Due Date. All accounts disconnected for non-payment will be charged an additional Deposit and Reconnect fee. Past Due Amount, Reconnection fee, and Additional Deposit must be paid BEFORE Reconnection can occur, these amounts must be paid in the form of a money order or paid in cash to a Money Gram location.
Connecting your pool heater to your gas system must be done by a licensed propane professional. *An Inspection Report prepared and signed by a licensed inspector stating “the pool heater installation and connection to the gas system is fully operational, was done in a good and workmanlike manner, and complies with all applicable laws, regulations, codes, and restrictions” must be delivered to the Company  via fax or email within three business days after connecting to the gas system. Failure to timely deliver the report may result in service interruption to the service address.

Meter Defect

If a meter test indicates a meter reads >+or-2% in error, the quantity of gas charged to the account during the prior 12 months only will be adjusted by the Company based upon its reasonable estimate utilizing the meter test.

Terminating Service

ALWAYS CONTACT US SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE YOU MOVE to ensure you receive a timely final meter reading. To terminate service you will need to complete and deliver (fax, mail, email) a Service Termination Request Form to us. A final meter reading will be taken within 3 business days after we receive the completed form. You will remain responsible for service at the address until the final meter reading. Also, please note that the Gas Company may refuse to provide gas service to an address where a prior gas account has not been paid in full.