New Customers

How to open a new gas account:

1) Please complete the New Customer Information Sheet and email to or fax to (512) 233-0547

All new customers must complete the New Customer Sheet and send to the office approximately five business days prior to closing the purchase or lease of their new home in order to make arrangements to set up their new gas service. To begin the new account process, we need to obtain certain customer information from you. Please complete the New Customer Information Sheet and either fax or email it to us. After we receive this, our representative will contact you by phone within one business day to schedule your “Customer Orientation”.

2) Take part in a “Customer Orientation” at your home

Most matters involved in setting up new service take place during the “Customer Orientation”. A Customer Orientation is an informative meeting between our representative and the new customer held at the customer’s new home.   During the Orientation, our representative will familiarize the customer with the home’s gas system. This will include reviewing safety information and certain government regulations with you, viewing your gas meter and its operation, viewing each of the gas outlets in your home and how to turn each of them off safely. Additionally, the customer will complete all account paperwork and be given the opportunity to ask questions regarding gas service.

The Orientation is approximately 45-75 minutes in length and is scheduled to occur within a few days after closing.  Remember, new customers are responsible for contacting the gas company several days prior to closing to schedule the Customer Orientation in order to ensure there is no interruption in gas service.

Electrician or Plumber adjusting a water heater gauge
NOTE: If you are unable to attend the Customer Orientation, another adult can represent you if you complete an Absent Party Authorization Form.

A non-refundable New Account Fee is charged to your first month’s bill in order to establish a new gas account. Additionally, a refundable deposit (homeowners only), will be collected from you during your Customer Orientation. All tenants deposits must be paid in money order or cash to a Money Gram location. When deposits become eligible for refund to existing homeowners, deposits will be credited to the gas account; however, upon customer request, the company will issue a refund check if the check amount is $200.00 or more.

Please note: If renters occupy a service address where the gas account is maintained by the homeowner, although the account is not in the renter’s name and a renter’s deposit is not required, the renter must have a “Customer Orientation”.

Finally, we recommend that you read our “Customer Information Regarding Propane and Safety” presentation before you establish service. This presentation contains important safety and other information you will want to know and understand to maximize your enjoyment of your propane gas home. Also, if you have any questions after reading it, you will be able to ask those questions during the Customer Orientation.

Thank you for becoming a Texas Community Propane, LTD. customer. We look forward to serving you!